A Letter from Wendy

Wendy Brandon - Felin Wen

Dear customers,

Our main message to our mail order customers is that we are STILL HERE!! We thank you for your continued custom. Fedex still collects our packages (Monday - Thursday). So we're still able to send off orders on an overnight/next working day basis - as long as we receive them by mid-morning.

Since most of our cooking is usually done for hotels and restaurants (and they are all closed at present), we have had to close our kitchen. This is why some of our preserves in the 340g jars are out of stock. There is usually something else fairly similar in stock - if you are able to be flexible!

From the business’s conception in 1985, I have stayed true to my mission of producing luxury preserves by hand- the way your grandmother would have done it! Unlike most products available today, we can proudly say that our small batch preserves are cooked and bottled by hand in our kitchen (rather than in a mass production factory). Cooking our preserves in small batches has remained a hallmark of our products; it dramatically reduces our cooking times and ensures that our preserves look colourful and taste like something you would make at home. Some of the recipes are adapted from my mother’s, and none of them include artificially derived ingredients- our preserves are made from honest, whole foods and are cooked the old fashioned way!

Wendy Brandon Handmade Preserves has always been a small business. Because we have such a small team (two ladies working in the kitchen plus me and my son Ian. I would encourage you to pay a visit to Felin Wen should you be in Pembrokeshire, and see the kitchen at work*.

I understood the meaning of reusing long before it became fashionable, and have modeled this in the business. Much of our waste from the kitchen is composted to fertilize the heavy clay soil at Felin Wen. We have 15 acres of land planted with gardens, woodlands, fruit trees, and fields which are great for walks and welcome to dogs. Though we can’t grow all of our produce at Felin Wen, you will find that we have cooking apples, wild plums, elderflowers, and herbs on property which have been used in our preserves at one time or another when the year’s crop has yielded enough. We also shred and reuse as much cardboard and paper as we can. Should you place an order for delivery, you will undoubtedly find reused shredded paper for protecting our preserves during transit (and can be used again in your compost heap, if, like me, you're a gardener!)

To all our customers that have supported us throughout the years, thank you kindly. We hope that you continue to enjoy our preserves. To those of you that are new to our products or website, welcome to Wendy Brandon Handmade Preserves! We hope that you are delighted by what you find, and encourage you to call should you have any queries or requests.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you!

Kindest regards,


*please note that we do our cooking in the mornings

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